Size Guide

How to correctly measure for a bandanna?

I personally prefer to use a fabric measuring tape, if you don't have one of them to hand you could also use some ribbon. You should measure around the circumference of the neck, with enough room to fit 1/2 fingers inside. My bandannas are adjustable and come with a few cm's between snaps, giving your pet plenty of room to freely move around in.

You can also measure a collar that fits to get that perfect neck measurements.

Size Guide

Xsmall - 16-19 cm

Small - 20-24 cm

Medium 25-29cm

Large - 30-34cm

XL - 41-46cm 

XXL - 51-59cm

For Dog bandannas, it’s important that you leave me a note regarding the breed and if you have it the neck measurements. Dogs are different shapes and sizes, depending on the build of your dog depends on the bandanna you receive. I have templates for stocky breeds, slim breeds, long necks.. etc. It’s important to me that you receive the best shape and fit for your pet. 

Cat Collars - Adjustable 18-30cm

 Dogs Collars - Adjustable 32-54cm


Bow-ties Bow ties are measured in Width and Length, these can be found on the listings. For Cats there are two 1 inch elastic loops at the back that slip over your collar. For Dogs there are two 2 inch elastic loops at the back that slip over your collar. 

If you need a Certain size that isn’t listed, please feel free to contact me and we can work out a custom made item for you.